Insuring a Salvage Title: What You Need to Know

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Understanding Salvage Titles

A salvage title is assigned to a vehicle that has been damaged beyond its value due to an accident, natural disaster, theft, or other incidents. Insurance companies often declare these vehicles as “totaled” and sell them at auction due to the high cost of repairs exceeding the vehicle’s worth.

The Importance of Salvage Title Insurance

Insuring a vehicle with a clean title typically means your insurer will cover damages caused in an accident up to the policy limit. However, vehicles with salvage titles have already been deemed totaled once and undergone significant repairs. This increases the chances of the vehicle breaking down or being severely damaged in another accident, leading to higher ownership costs.

Many insurers are hesitant to cover these types of vehicles. Those that do often only provide liability protection, excluding collision or comprehensive coverage options (sometimes referred to as full coverage). This leaves owners responsible for out-of-pocket repair costs or replacement fees if their salvaged vehicle incurs damage.

Insuring Your Salvage Vehicle

Despite the challenges, it is possible to secure insurance coverage for your salvage titled vehicle. Specialized providers such as American Modern, Hagerty, Geico, and State Farm offer services tailored to these unique circumstances. To assess risk levels, these providers may require supporting documentation, such as post-repair work inspections, photographs, and previous history reports.

Tips for Navigating the Resale Market

When buying or selling a used car, especially one with a salvage title, it’s crucial to:

  • Thoroughly inspect the vehicle before purchasing.
  • Obtain detailed information about its title history.
  • Research prices to ensure a fair deal, considering factors like mileage, condition, and any pre-existing damage or repairs needed.
  • Disclose all existing issues to potential buyers to prevent future legal issues and misunderstandings.


While insuring a salvage titled car may not be as straightforward as insuring a regular car, understanding the process can make owning such a vehicle safer and protect your investment and financial security. Always research state regulations governing salvage titles when purchasing or selling vehicles.


Can I insure a car with a salvage title?

Yes, you can insure a car with a salvage title, but it may be more challenging and costly than insuring a car with a clean title.

How much does insurance cost for a vehicle with a salvage title?

Insurance costs for cars with salvage titles can vary widely depending on the extent of damage, age of the vehicle, and other factors. Generally, insurance rates may be higher than those for cars without salvage titles.

What should I do if my insurer won’t cover my salvaged car?

If your insurer won’t cover your salvaged car or offers limited coverage options due to its condition, consider seeking alternative insurance providers that cater to vehicles rebuilt from salvaged parts. Research your options thoroughly and ensure you’re getting adequate coverage at an affordable price before committing to any policy.