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When it comes to buying a vehicle, many people opt for salvage title cars because they are significantly cheaper than clean title cars. However, one of the biggest challenges with a salvage title car is finding an insurance company that will provide coverage.

Is Salvage Title Car Insurance Possible? Learn the Ins and Outs

What Is a Salvage Title Car?

A salvage title car is a vehicle that has been damaged in an accident, flood or other incident to the extent where repairing it is more expensive than its value. When this happens, insurance companies declare it as salvaged which means it can be sold off for parts or repaired by someone who wants to invest time and money into fixing up the car.

Can You Get Insurance for a Salvage Title Car?

Yes, you can get insurance for a salvage title car but not from every insurer. Most big-name insurers like Geico and State Farm won’t insure these vehicles because of their history of being written-off at some point in the past. However, there are still some smaller insurers who specialize in providing coverage specifically for salvage cars.

What Are Your Options For Insuring A Salvage Title Vehicle?

If you own a salvage titled vehicle and want to get it insured then here are your options:

  • Look For Specialized Insurers: As mentioned earlier there are specialized insurers like Hagerty & Grundy who offer insurance specifically tailored towards clients with classic automobiles including restored or salvaged ones.
  • Ask Different Auto Insurance Companies: Getting offers from different auto insurance companies to compare their policies may reveal that some do cover repair costs regardless of whether or not your vehicle holds legitimate insurable status.
  • Pay out-of-pocket when Necessary: In case neither option works out then paying out-of-pocket might be preferable compared against driving without any protection on public roadways.

Factors That Can Affect Coverage & How Much You’ll Pay

While getting repair cost coverage under-insured driver policy is possible, it can cost more than insuring a clean-titled vehicle. Coverage for and costs associated with owning a salvage title car depend on the insurer’s protocol as well as other factors including:

  • The particular type of damage: Structural issues like the frame or bearings could increase premiums significantly.
  • State laws: State regulatory entities have different rules on how salvage vehicles are classified, titled and insured which will affect ownership policy limitations.
  • Inspection requirements: Some states require an examination from DMV to verify if after repair modifications have met OEM specifications so that roadworthiness is ensured.


While purchasing a salvage title car could save you money initially, obtaining coverage can be tricky. Shopping around and finding specialized insurers willing to write insurance policies for these types of vehicles is worthwhile in ensuring your investment is protected properly. Remember that even if some auto insurers agree to cover a salvaged vehicle its resale value may never equal what similarly modelled automobiles originally purchased new might command due to their unique history; use this information when negotiating deals at trade-in time or when flipping restored projects!


Sure, here are three popular FAQs regarding salvage title car insurance:

Q: Can I get insurance for a car with a salvage title?
A: Yes, it is possible to insure a car with a salvage title. However, the type and extent of coverage may differ from that of a standard car insurance policy. Salvage title cars have been declared total losses by insurers due to damages incurred either in an accident or natural disaster. As such, these cars may carry higher risks and require specialized coverage.

Q: How does getting insurance for a salvage title car work?
A: When seeking to insure your salvage titled vehicle, you will need to provide the insurer with relevant information about the history of the vehicle including past damages and its current condition. The insurer will assess these factors before determining if they can offer coverage and at what rate.

Q: What kind of coverage options are available for salvage titled vehicles?
A: Coverage options vary depending on the specific circumstances surrounding your vehicle but generally include liability coverage (to protect against damage you may cause to other drivers), comprehensive coverage (to protect against non-accident-related incidents like theft or natural disasters), collision coverage (if another driver hits your salvaged vehicle). It’s important to note that while some insurers offer more extensive policies for totaled vehicles like comprehensive-only policies, this would depend on individual company practices so you may need to shop around for availability if looking into this option.


**H3: What is a salvage title and how does it affect car insurance?**
Answer: A salvage title indicates that the vehicle has been declared a total loss by the insurance company. Insuring a car with a salvage title usually costs more due to the higher risk involved.

**H3: Can I get affordable car insurance with a salvage title?**
Answer: Yes, it’s possible to save on car insurance with a salvage title by comparing rates from various insurers, raising your deductible, and ensuring the vehicle is in good condition after repairs.

**H3: Is it mandatory to declare a salvage title when applying for car insurance?**
Answer: Yes, it’s important to be truthful when applying for car insurance and disclose the salvage title status of your vehicle. Failing to do so could result in insurance coverage being denied or cancelled if the insurer discovers the misinformation