Too Late to Get Travel Insurance? Think Again!

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Are you among the many travelers who perceive travel insurance as a mere luxury, reserved only for the overly cautious or risk-averse? Do you hold the belief that last-minute purchases of such policies are futile? If so, it’s time to reconsider!

The Indispensable Role of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is far from being a frivolous expense—it’s an essential safeguard. It offers you peace of mind and financial protection against unforeseen circumstances that may arise during your journey. From medical emergencies and lost luggage to trip cancellations due to unexpected events, travel insurance can shield you from these risks and more.

Despite its clear benefits, a significant number of travelers remain reluctant to invest in travel insurance, often dismissing it as too costly or unnecessary. A survey by the US Travel Insurance Association (USTIA) revealed that a mere 28% of Americans secure travel insurance when vacationing abroad.

Debunking the Myth: It’s Not Too Late to Buy Travel Insurance

A prevalent misconception about travel insurance is that it must be procured at the time of booking your trip. This is not the case. Certain policies permit last-minute purchases, even while you’re already on your journey.

For example, some insurers offer “flight-only” coverage for flight cancellations or missed connections. These can be purchased right up until departure time without any pre-existing condition clauses. However, it’s important to note that there will be no benefit payout if there are insufficient hours before takeoff once coverage has been secured.

Selecting the Right Coverage: A Comprehensive Guide

When choosing a policy provider, it’s crucial to verify their credibility with National Associations like USTIA and BBB. Then, consider the specific needs of your travels.

Here are some key considerations:

  • Medical coverage: Ensure the policy provides adequate coverage for medical treatment, including hospitalization costs.
  • Evacuations: Confirm if the cost of evacuation transportation is covered.
  • Trip Interruption Coverage: Will the insurer cover your hotel stay should an interruption occur?
  • Baggage Loss/Theft Coverage: Check if the insurer can replace stolen or lost luggage items promptly.

Conclusion: Travel Insurance is a Must, Not an Afterthought

Travel insurance should not be an afterthought—it should be an integral part of your planning process. Be proactive and select the right policy that caters to the specific needs of your trip, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. With a plethora of options available, including last-minute policies, there’s no excuse not to purchase travel insurance in 2024!


Q: Can I still get travel insurance if my trip has already started?
A: Yes, you can still purchase travel insurance even if your trip has already started, although coverage may be limited. Some travel insurance companies offer policies with specific provisions for travelers who have already begun their journeys.

Q: What type of coverage is included in late-purchase travel insurance policies?
A: Late-purchase or last-minute travel insurance policies typically offer the same types of coverage as regular policies, including emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation and interruption protection, baggage loss or delay coverage, and more.

Q: Is late-purchase travel insurance more expensive than regular policies?
A: It depends on the policy and the specific terms offered by the insurer. In some cases, last-minute purchases might come with a higher premium due to increased risk exposure.
However in general this is not always true -sometimes insurers offer discounts for those who puchase closer to their departure dates- so it’s worth shopping around and comparing prices before making a decision about buying travel insurances at any time before your traveling plan begins.