2024’s Top 5 Ways to Use Insurance with 1800Contacts

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Purchasing contact lenses and glasses online is becoming increasingly popular in 2024. With retailers like 1800 Contacts offering convenient options for buying eyewear, it’s important to understand how to utilize vision insurance and payment methods when shopping online. This guide covers key considerations when using insurance benefits on sites like 1800 Contacts.

Understanding Your Vision Insurance

Vision insurance plans help offset routine eye exam and prescription eyewear costs. Depending on your specific plan, you may receive an allowance for contacts or glasses each year.

For example, a typical VSP vision plan in 2024 allots around $150 per year specifically for contact lenses. If choosing glasses instead, that allowance can increase to $200 or more. Employers and insurers select plan types and coverage levels, so details can vary. Some plans also require co-pays or deductibles before coverage applies.

It’s crucial to comprehend your plan’s details to maximize benefits. Check for any extra discounts for purchasing frames or lenses directly from VSP providers like 1800 Contacts.

Using Insurance for Online Purchases

Most online eyewear retailers, including 1800 Contacts, accept vision insurance. However, claim submission processes differ.

With 1800 Contacts, you may need to pay upfront, then file a claim to your insurer for reimbursement. This is where 1800 Contacts promo codes can help reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

Always verify claim procedures with your insurance provider first. For example, VSP members can call VSP Member Services at 800-877-7195 for specifics on online claim submissions.

Common Insurance Claim Mistakes

Many incorrectly assume online sellers directly bill insurers. In reality, retailers like 1800 Contacts often require upfront payment and subsequent claim submission.

Reimbursement can take weeks, so budget accordingly. Additionally, check if online vision tests are insurance-covered, as they often aren’t.

FSA/HSA Eligibility

For those with Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) or Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), retailers like 1800 Contacts accept these pre-tax medical accounts for payment.

In 2024, the FSA contribution limit is $2,850, while the HSA limit is $3,850 for individuals. Before finalizing any purchase, verify if the seller accepts FSA/HSA payments.

In-Network Providers

Insurance plans usually have in-network sellers offering enhanced coverage or discounts. For example, VSP members can save up to $200 on frames and lenses with 1800 Contacts.

Check if a retailer is in-network, especially when using promotions like 1800 Contacts coupon codes for extra savings. Members can also combine benefits across providers like 1800 Contacts and Warby Parker.

Prescription Requirements

Online contact lens purchases require a valid prescription. While some sites offer online vision testing, insurance rarely covers these screenings.

Per the American Optometric Association, adults aged 18 to 60 need comprehensive eye exams every one to two years. An expired prescription necessitates scheduling an updated exam prior to buying lenses.

Return Policies

Review seller return policies carefully. Lens.com provides a 30-day refund period for unsatisfactory contact lenses, for instance. Returns and exchanges offer flexibility if prescriptions change or products prove unsuitable.


Using insurance for online eyewear purchases simplifies acquiring glasses and contacts from home. However, understanding relevant plan details, vision retailer policies, and claim procedures is essential for maximizing benefits. By following this guide, the process of purchasing lenses through sites like 1800 Contacts can be smooth and financially advantageous.


How can I get the most value from my insurance when shopping at 1800 Contacts in 2024?

Thoroughly comprehend your plan’s coverage details and apply any available discounts or vision plans to maximize savings on eyewear. An annual eye exam and purchasing frames directly from 1800 Contacts provides the greatest benefits.

What insurance providers offer the best savings at 1800 Contacts in 2024?

Major companies like VSP, Davis Vision, and EyeMed provide substantial member discounts on 1800 Contacts products. Compare deals across providers carefully.

How do I efficiently use benefits when buying eyewear from 1800 Contacts in 2024?

Before finalizing any order, confirm coverage specifics and expected out-of-pocket expenses. Streamline reimbursements by opting for online claims submissions.